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December 19, 2014
Sex with mannequins is evil and wrong
June 25, 2015

Python is a Spirit


Read Acts 16:16-19 The python spirit is a spirit that wants to suffocate the church.In Greek the word divination is translated to be python. The word Divination is the art of obtaining secrete knowledge and insight through spirits,the same as if a person was a false prophet, a medium, or a psychic or a witch. When genuine men or woman of God are prophets they speak with God speaking through them but if it is the spirit of God speaking through a person it is a spirit.In Deuteronomy 18:10-12,Numbers 22:7 these scriptures will help you study this out.

Those that put their trust in Tara cards, horoscopes, crystal balls, star gazing, astrology, sorcery, or familiar spirits, movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, new age, satanic movies, mediums, Pokemon,are all under the spell of the python spirit. This spirit will want you to seek another way then seeking the will of God and will suffocate you so you will no longer seek truth but false ideas. I have had so many woman claim God said I am supposed to marry them or I am supposed to have a family with them. I have also had so many people want to be my friend but when people find out I really do speak against principalities, authorities and powers of darkness so many claim that what I am is to dangerous or what I am doing is to intense. But who is going to a stand and claim to a dying world that has no hope, no future, no love and no joy that there is a living God that loves them and there is hope in him and his name is Jesus Christ.

Please understand Jesus Christ loves you and he wants you to be secure in him. Isn’t time we quit allowing the world to be a bully and we start standing up for Jesus Christ.

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