Feelings For No Apparent Reason

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June 25, 2015
Satan is Speaking and Too Many Are Listening
July 15, 2015

Feelings For No Apparent Reason


Does any of these feelings just come over you for no apparent reason, agitated, frustrated, depressed, worry, fearful, sad, angry, hopeless or deeply over whelmed with grief?

So many times people have said pastor Tim I don’t understand this feeling that comes over me all of a sudden, what very few people realize is witches and Satanist love to pray against you. In the church today not many want to discuss deep warfare but in the 20 + years I have been involved in warfare one thing I have learned very quickly is don’t trust your emotions and don’t act on your emotions just because you feel a certain way. Yesterday I was confronted by a witch on Facebook and she kept mocking every thing I would say and those that made a point to like ask people who like my post in the morning yesterday are you married and how children do you have well I put a stop to it then she sent me a private message wanting to get to know my personal life and when I finally put a stop to it all of a sudden I felt a huge amount of irritation hit me.

See we must put on the whole Armor of God daily and we must pray over our selves daily. See I am a professional demonologist and one thing I have discovered is so many take for granted their lives going well, to the point when Satan rears his head in their lives their hitting the stress button contacting every one then can and their now questioning God. So many question God’s character when they come under attack because they haven’t spent time with God. You can not trust some one you don’t know that is a proven fact. I find it sad how many blame God for this or that happening but they are full of arrogance refusing to admit they have taken their life and blessing for granted. The hour is now to humble ourselves and seek the fathers heart and thank God for what he has done for us in life.

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