Other Recommended Books

Heaven Waits: Hearing the Voice of God
by Maria M. Schaefer

You are sick, and you need healing. There is a family or emotional crisis taking place. You desperately want to hear the voice of God! Have you ever longed to hear God’s voice more than anything else in your life?

Heaven Waits will take you through the journey in understanding how God uses scripture, thoughts you are dealing with, and circumstances, to teach you how to hear the voice of God. Heaven Waits goes into describing how visions, similitude, and dreams can help you to have a deeper knowledge in how God works.

You will learn tools to help you appreciate the supernatural power of God. As you use the tools provided, you will understand there have been times when you have already heard Him, but have not recognized it.

Examples on each page of the book will lead you into more knowledge in how to function in God’s kingdom.

You will know you are deeply loved and cherished by God.


God Broke Through: The Story of Chile's Methodist Pentecostals
by Dean Helland and Alice Rasmussen

It has been described as “the greatest church history ever written outside of North America!”

When the Pentecostal Awakening came to Chile, it caused an explosion that was heard throughout the country. It was followed by the expulsion of the Pentecostals from their churches, just as happened in the United States and other countries around the world. This is the story of just how it occurred in Chile; before, during and after, from 1817 to 1984.

In 1909, Chile received its Pentecost. This book carefully documents not just the events, but the very thoughts and actions of the principle actors. On September 12, 1909, the “new wine” had a frontal confrontation with the “old wineskins,” and an explosion took place that has continued to the present day.
When those expelled from their churches took their enthusiasm to the streets, the movement started to grow, and the nation was changed. Despite religious and secular opposition, signs, wonders and miracles confirmed the work of the Risen Lord.

Today, the overwhelming majority of Chile’s Protestant believers proudly call themselves “Pentecostals.” Their story will open your eyes to what God can do with yielded vessels.

Missionaries Dean Helland and Alice Rasmussen united their scholarly expertise in this investigative report of exactly what happened in this isolated part of the world. Though fully a Classical Pentecostal denomination, the Methodist Pentecostal Church has retained the form, doctrine and rituals of the Methodist Church, including infant baptism, with real surprises for the reader.

The result is a masterpiece; riveting, at times, shocking — an emotion-packed account of a singular spiritual event. The experiences contained here also relate directly to what is happening in the world today. These spiritual and mystical accounts will stretch one’s faith with the challenge to draw closer God.


If God Wants Me Well, Why Am I Sick? A Bible Study Guide of Supernatural Healing
by H. L. Ford

A paralyzed youth declares his faith, gets out of bed, and walks. A permanently injured pilot determines to fly again and regains perfect health. A woman battles breast cancer with only her faith in God and recovers. While a reporter explores these and many other supernatural healings, she discovers not one person ever doubted it was God’s will to heal. Ford asked the universal questions while exploring the scriptures in support of these miracles. Before she completed the book, she took hold of truth and experienced her own healing from a painful condition she had suffered for more than twenty years. Here is a set of tools-weapons of warfare-gleaned from victorious believers; these are tools you can wield as you develop your own faith for healing. The study questions are insightful, thought provoking, and faith building. God truly rewards those who diligently seek Him. He promises that if you seek, you shall find. This book is for those who seek, knock, and ask until they find the victory.


Resistance: The Revelations
by Kim Bishop

On earth, the balance between good and evil is about to be shifted toward darkness as spiritual warfare blazed in heavens!

This is the heroic journey of a small community church led by Pastor Andrew Stone entangled with a band of freedom fighters as they struggle to subvert a global conspiracy to enslave the world.

Archaeologist Jason Fox unknowingly unleashes a demonic horde set to possess mankind under the auspice of the United Global States of Earth (UGSE), a new global government intent on implementing its version of the United Nations’ Agenda 21.

At the New Life Foundation, a place of peace and solitude, Isabelle Zenn inspires and instructs young open minded people into positions of honor and power, under the direction of Michael Damiou; however, it is also a place where darkness begins and evil thrives.

Who will win the batly for mankind’s soul?


Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes
by Mark Hunnemann

“Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes” documents the explosive rise of interest in ghosts, and how this is affecting tens of millions of Americans concept of spirituality. Despite the fact that ghosts have become ensconced in our culture and contributed to the change in the spiritual landscape in the last few years, the church and media have taken a dismissive posture towards this issue. But the main focus of the book is to answer the question: do ghosts exist? Science,logic,and a biblical worldview are used to analyze this question-a unique methodology is employed which unearths evidence and issues never before discussed. Comprehensive and compelling new paranormal and scientific evidence that answers beyond a reasonable doubt the question of whether ghosts exist. The author proposes an empirically verifiable hypothesis which would PROVE his perspective on ghosts. Lastly, titanic issues are at stake in this debate.