A personal Message from Pastor Tim

Hello my friends this is Pastor Tim. Have you been struggling with:

  • Addictions
  • Hopelessness
  • Worthlessness

Are you wondering if there's any hope? Wondering if there's anything good that can happen to you?

Are you living in a dark cloud and it seems like every single thing is just falling apart in your life?

Do or you think and you really believe that things could never get any better?

I’ve Been Down That Road Just Like You

I want to tell you I was there.

I'm a recovering cocaine addict, alcoholic, meth addict. I was deeply involved in all kinds of wickedness and evil and I didn't see any point to my life. I was in seven different psychiatric wards, six rehabs. I’ve attempted suicide five times. I never saw any point to life never saw any purpose. Nobody believed in me and I didn't have anybody to stand there and really think and try to encourage me.

But Then Something Happened that Changed Everything For Me

Then one day, I discovered that Jesus Christ loves me. He really is who he says he is. He really does love me and he really does love you.

See so many Christians have rejected me and so many times people were scared of me plus 2 pastors that I cried out to one said Tim you will never do anything great for the kingdom of God and the second pastor said Tim you might as well take your life sense you think about it all the time and you have done so much evil. So knowing that Christ being all holy, pure and righteous would come in my apartment where we had a Ouija board, Tara cards, satanic drawings were all over plus we had upside down crosses on the walls. See I didn't deserve in any way for a loving God not only to hug me but heal me in every way in a split second was incredible.

There Are Many Others Like You That Found Hope and You Can Too

I want to share with you some letters I have received from people that God has rescued from their hopelessness and deep sin

Dear Pastor Tim

I am 19 now but when I was 16 I was getting ready to take my life, I saw no hope for my life and I saw no reason to live. Then I was attending a youth group but since my parents
divorced I was filled with sadness and depression.

My youth pastor and my mom knew things were bad but they ran out of ideas to help me so I had the suicide letter, and all my clothes washed, music planned for the funeral. Then
the week before the big day I saw a book on line  called SUICIDE SPIRIT, so I ordered the book just wanting to get an idea of why do I feel so strong at times I need to die.

Well I got the book and it changed my life, for the first time I found hope. I repented of all my sins and wanting to take my life and two years later I am planning on going to school
to be a youth pastor and work with troubled teens.

Thank you…Angel

Here is another one

Dear Pastor or Reverend or whatever I am supposed to call you.

I just want to say thank you.

I am or was a well-known psychic and witch. See, I loved going to a playground and speaking curses over this playground and watching children get hurt. I enjoyed others misery because I was treated so badly as a child.

See, I grew up in a very strict and religious home so when I finally grew up I hated everything about God so I became a witch knowing I could put others through misery.

But then when I read your testimony and saw how many churches and Christians rejected you but you still wanted to know Jesus Christ I knew then that the Jesus I knew wasn’t the one you talked about and today I am washed in the blood of the lamb and free from guilt and hate.

Thank you for being a friend to those that are deep into evil, to share hope and love to them because they are
hurting inside……..Tina

Here is another one...

Dear pastor Tim

My pastor said I should share my story with you, I know it’s a long one but I feel you should hear about it.

I was a black witch and I was very good at putting on séances because I could communicate very well with spirits. Well one day when I got up in the morning, as I was sitting there thinking about my day, it popped in my head, ”What if a psychic wrote a book about Jesus?”

Well I went to get in the shower and I heard my spirit guide say, “That is stupid, let’s not research this we have better things to do”. But I couldn’t get it out of my head, what if a real psychic met Jesus! What would they say or do or even ask him?

So I went on line and started to research this and all of a sudden several psychics claimed Jesus was a psychic but then I saw a book called A PSYCHIC DISCOVERS JESUS and you were the author. So I thought who is this guy
and the deeper and deeper I got to know you the more I wanted to know so I kept my search up for over an hour and then I heard your testimony and I just cried for over an hour listening to how much pain you were in and then
knowing that over and over, church after church rejected you because you were a former psychic and Satanist.

But then you continually pointed out that Jesus Christ loves sinners and forgives them, plus Jesus Christ really does want to hold the most wicked, perverted and ruthless people there is and just let them know he loves them
and died for them. So since, I got saved and discovered Jesus loves me and accepts me. So thank you for your ministry and loving people like me be blessed …….Star

There are many other letters I have received and you can read them here. As you can see these are people just like you from different walks of life and they did not find my book or website accidentally.

You Are Not Reading This Accidentally

So many claim they found this web site by accidental but what so many don't realize is God wants you to find freedom. Freedom to dance, sing, laugh, and walk in the power, authority of Christ. See you might think you found this web site by accident but so many times it was by the Holy Spirit

Here's What I Am Going To Do For You...

I want to send you something at no cost
I want to get into your hands something about Jesus Christ something that's going to help you understand that you do have a plan, you do have a purpose to this life.

I am just a phone call away
You can call me at any time. I answer all the calls personally . You will not speaking to an operator or anyone else. Sometimes, understandably, I might be on another call but I promise to return the call the same day.

I will even travel to any corner of the world to help you
Some families or individuals prefer a personal visit and ask me to come by depending on their need. I will travel locally, nationally and internationally to help you. Sometimes it's for a single day and other times it's for several days. Expenses are usually covered by the family or individual when they have the means but we will make every effort to raise funds from our ministry partners to help even those who cannot afford it.

So today as you are watching this video, would you do me a favor? Would you send me a message just let me know you watched this video? If you want to know more about Jesus Christ will you let me know? Send me a message, I'm on Facebook I’m on Twitter, just let me know that you took the time to watch this video because see I want to get into your hands something about Jesus Christ something that's going to help you understand that you do have a plan, you do have a purpose to this life.

You don't have to live a life of defeat and you can live a life of victory and that there is joy and there is peace for you and you really can find somebody to love you that’s going to find value in you but it all starts with having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It's Not A Religion

I'm not offering you religion. I’m not offering you anything but a true promise that if you get to know the Jesus Christ that I know he will give you hope and he will give you strength and he’ll give you freedom. Freedom from the addictions and the suffering that you've gone through. So please, do me a favor. Fill out a contact form, send me a message on Facebook on Twitter or just send me an email. Let me know you liked the video or let me know what you thought.

Thank you very much and have a blessed blessed day.

Pastor Tim

p.s. Your decision to continue living in bondage and oppression by the enemy is only going to give you more hopelessness and worthlessness. Make a decision today and accept God's free gift. It's not yours until you accept it.

p.s.s Contact us today while there is time.

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