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Dear pastor Tim……. Hi, my name is Tammy I have gotten very sad and didn’t know why, I thought at times maybe I should just die.  I never saw my self-cute or talented in anything but then something exciting happen my older brother bought your book A psychic discovers Jesus and so I read it after he read it, I saw my brother starts to get excited about Jesus so I read it, wow.  I really am special in Gods eyes and I am valuable. – Tammy


Tim ……….. I just wanted to tell you I was a practicing young witch who thought it was very cool, but then I heard about your book When Evil Whispers.  I read it and it shocked me that a Christian would speak so much truth like that.  Most people I meet in the church are very fearful of this stuff so I had no one to go to.  Now I know the truth so I repented and turned my life over to Christ. – Chris


Pastor Tim

I dont want to share my name but I have had so many partners that I lost track.  I have been addicted to porn for several years now.Most people would never know that I could have sex with animal then a week later have sex with a person because I didn’t care if it was a guy or woman or animal but feeling depressed and worthless I was searching one night for answers and I found your web site.  So I ordered your book Demons Exposed and it proved to me that I had allot of serious issues but I couldn’t do it alone so I kept speaking the prayers on your web site and kept reading my word then I found out I could be free.  Now I have discovered if I forgive I can be forgiven and set free.  Thank you for loving and excepting me……D.A.


Dear pastor Tim

I want to say thank you.  See I used to have sex with a couch, shoes, stuffed animals or anything that I could use to masturbate but then I got in to perverted stuff but my friend bought me “Demons Summoned” as I read it I cried because I realize now that no matter how sick or evil a person is there is hope and forgiveness.

Today I am free………..Mike


Pastor Tim

I want to thank you. See I used to love to wear make up and love to wear woman’s clothing, In fact, it sexually turned me on. Well as the years went by I believed I was supposed to be a girl so I dated other guys but then one day I allowed another guy to touch me sexually well it made me feel so gross I just wanted to take my life so one night I was just searching the web for answers and found your book Suicide spirit.  Well I ordered it and discovered my life does have a purpose and meaning. Thank you I am free today and happily married to a woman.Thank you. Nick


Hello pastor Tim

I had cancer but this might surprise you but I came to your spiritual warfare conference wanting to learn how to pray with power but when I heard you say God wants you walking in the anointing and power of God I knew right then and there I was blessed beyond measure.  So 3 days later I went to go see my doctor to find out when my Chemo therapy would start and to my shock I was healed of Cancer.  See I felt the power of God to hear you speak but when you prayed over me I was deeply moved.Thank you so much I am free telling every one what God did… E.O.


Pastor Tim

Hello, was a woman at a battered shelter you spoke at.  Sense I met you and I read your book A Psychic Discovers Jesus I knew sense God could heal you God could and would restore me.  Today I with a man that doesn’t even raise his voice and when he gets frustrated or upset doesn’t raise his voice or hit any thing.  Thank you, I found real love.        Lisa


Pastor Tim

I want to thank you,  I went to my pastor and told him I had horrible nightmares sense I had sex with a mannequin but he didn’t believe me till I told him I was joking.He then said well just repent but then acted like I was evil. So one day searching the web looking for answers I found a book called Demons Exposed well as I read your book I was so shocked because you deal with so many sorrows and sins that most won’t dare even see are true.Thank you for teaching me that even those who have committed perverted sins can be forgiven.  Please share this so others who can see their not alone.     Michael


I want you to know I pray for your ministry. I’ve been threw some the demonic stuff I understand how some of it happened some I don’t but I recall very well how the Lord had me to fight threw it and believe one day he’ll use what I went threw to help others threw me.
I’ve been places and had demons poke me, I don’t understand it all but I have learned the Lord helped me physically and spiritually fight demons off me the Lord has taught me how to love the least of these as I was one and also to reconcile the called Christians tearing each other apart I’m believing it’s all for a reason. I see and reconcile it and to see these things I’ve also found its a lonely place because when you speak people treat you and look at you like your speaking Spanish because they dont see spiritual stuff.
I believe the Lord is teaching me. So I want to let you know that one’s like me need the maturity of your ministry for our growth as well as those your being used to free thank you…..M


I have heard stories like this too many times to where another young person takes their life, and even had this touch my family.

Realized after reading the book “Suicide Spirit” by Tim Thompson, that it’s demons that deceive us with the comforting  lie that it will all be ok once we end our life…..



Thank you Thank you Thank you… I just read when evil whispers.

I was raised in the church. My stepfather was a pastor. My ex- husband was a pastor. I’m a minister I read it because I know I have a deliverance ministry. I now understand so much more…

Bless you my brother I appreciate you taking the time to write these books…

You’re a blessing to the body of Christ……



I was thinking about donating $25.00 to your ministry, but I was going to go pay some bills first. When I went outside, there was a $20.00 bill on the windshield of my truck. Wow! I just had to share this with you.God bless you Pastor Tim!    Laren


Thank you Pastor Tim! I was very touched by your testimony. I myself used to be very confused about things like aliens and spirit guides. Listening to your testimony helped to put everything in perspective. I pray to one day know the Jesus that you know. May God bless your ministry because you have helped so many people!


Before Tims testimony my son was an alcoholic drug attic, overdosed on drugs 3 time been in jail several times but after he talked to Tim he is now a Christian and a recovering Alcoholic, drug attic and has stayed out of jail for the last 5 or 6 years now. Praise the Lord for Tim and our Lord he is good all the time he will never leave you nor forsake you. Prays do get answered. -Anonymous e-mail