Satan is Speaking and Too Many Are Listening
July 15, 2015
Suicide Thoughts and Attempts
July 15, 2015

Is There Hope for Me?


So many have been contacting lately asking me is there really hope for me pastor because my mom or dad were a witch, my dad was a mason, my parents were always poor, suicide runs in my family, I don’t seem to be able to hold down a job, my life has always seemed pointless or hopeless, a dark cloud seems to be over my life. Please listen most of my life seemed hopeless,point less and it seemed no one cared. But when I discovered my life wasn’t about my success, my happiness or my thoughts but my life was and is about glorifying Jesus Christ that same hour my dark cloud for the first time in 20 years my life changed.See when we live to glorify and lift up the name of Jesus Christ every thing changes. So many Christians have fallen prey to the worlds concepts of being self centered and then wonder why aren’t they happy or filling satisfied. See until Christ becomes the center of our lives we will always feel empty and life will seem empty. So please come to know the true and living God because Christ really does love you and he really does want you to walk in the power, authority and love of God.Be blessed me friend.

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