Sex with mannequins is evil and wrong
June 25, 2015
Feelings For No Apparent Reason
July 15, 2015

Starving Yourself


When a couple contacted me and said  Tim please help we are desperate,our daughter is starving her self to death and we don’t know where to go because nobody seems to have answers.

At first I was a getting ready to point out my ministry deals with demonic powers and the ministry is based on spiritual warfare. But then I realized my mind set is all wrong this ministry is based on spiritual warfare, deliverance or demonic powers.  This ministry is based on giving hope where no hope can be found and loving those that most just turn away from.

This situation made me cry because a beautiful red haired 19 year old was dyeing because of starvation. So as I began to get involved in her personal world I realized she was severely deceived,she though if I look really skinny I will find real love?  I am not here to offend any one but being sexual,or looking a certain way or having sex with some one isn’t how you find love! Genuine love is so much better then sex because genuine love is when you start to fall in love which has nothing to do with sex.

So please realize that if you want to know what love really is start with the heart of God.This young woman lived but it took me allot of work to show her that Hollywood’s concept of love is looking good or being sexual  but Gods love is, genuine, loving, caring, listening, humility, patient, merciful, understanding, forgiving, holding hands, security and just giving a simple hug…….Men of God its time to start loving that woman God put in your life.

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