Suicide Thoughts and Attempts

Is There Hope for Me?
July 15, 2015
October 27, 2016

Suicide Thoughts and Attempts


Several  people I have met are walking in complete despair, loneliness, hopelessness, feeling isolated, lost, confused, feeling is there any hope, would any one care if I died or disappeared.

So many of these people don’t realize I was there, I would cut my self or attempt suicide thinking it doesn’t matter to any one. Then one day I had a vision of Christ hanging on the cross and he said Tim I did this for you so you would have to live a life of despair and a life of oppression. So many can relate and talk all about the power of evil, the devil, Satan, witch craft, voodoo, séances or what so many sadistic psycho paths have done to woman,children or people in general but what is so sad is so very few people especially Gods own people don’t talk about the miracles or break through s happening in their lives or some ones else s life because we are so programmed to dwell on evil but what about the power, authority, love and compassion of Christ.

See turn on any channel and you can see crystal clear Satan is the god of this world but God is the father of the universe and he is still performing miracles, signs and wonders daily question is are you going to focus on the evil and wickedness of this world or you going to focus on the awesome power of God. So many churches and so many pastors want to tell every one about what God did many years ago but what about today?

I know you might be hurting wondering is there any hope in this miserable life for me, yes because I want to help you live in victory. See through Christ power and love he has called you to live in victory, joy, peace and blessed. So please instead of talking about all the evil today why not talk about just how awesome God is ? Do you need a miracle? Do you need to get a breakthrough? Do you need to be healed? then please instead of meditating on hopelessness come to know the living and powerful son of God Jesus Christ.

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